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Good Morning, and what a lovely fresh day it is here in Cyprus. We had the first rain since May in Cyprus this week, signalling the start of Autumn, which means warm sunny days with cooler evenings. A welcome relief for many of us after August which was the hottest month in Cyprus ever since records began!

Summer in Cyprus for most people was a time for holidays and relaxation, but not for the Crazy Cow Gifts team, as we had a super busy few months fulfilling orders, meeting new suppliers, and adding new gifts, vouchers and experiences to the website. We welcomed Zoe back to the team after a short break, and her creative posts on Social Media and time spent adding new products has been invaluable.

Rachel and I have been discussing the way forward for us to scale and grow the business to meet the needs of all our customers, both here in Cyprus and from overseas. Did you know that 80% of our customers are located outside Cyprus? They purchase online for family and friends that live here, saving the headache of parcels going missing or turning up late. We took a look at our customer base and the 2nd largest group of customers is from the UK with the 3rd largest being from the US. Other countries we have received orders from include Ireland, Singapore, Lebanon, Israel, Italy, France, the Netherlands and UAE! It is amazing to see that our brand is becoming recognised worldwide and that news of our website has gone global, in fact we were contacted recently by a US TV Channel for a feature, so watch this space!

If you have any suggestions regarding what we could add to the website, or improve on, we would love to hear from you, contact via any of our Social Media channels or by email to You can also subscribe to our website and receive our Newsletter here…

Have a fabulous weekend
Love from the CRAZY COW GIFTS Team x

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