Drop Dew Hair Care Gift Set CBG3


A gorgeous gift to give those locks the love they deserve. Treat yourself or someone else to this gorgeous gift. The box contains:

  • Drop Dew Shampoo 950 (500ml) – Relives dandruff and itchy scalp, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss, leaves the hair full of body, shine and is easy to manage.
  • Drop Dew Conditioner 965 (500ml) – Repairs damaged hair in 60 seconds. Rejuvenating protection for damaged hair, contains amino compound giving nourishment, softness, shine and a natural look.  Richly hydrating.
  • Drop Dew Instant Treatment Cream 96c (150ml) – Momentary organic therapy with multi-vitamins which untangles and corrects split ends and gives shine to hair. Recommended for dry and damaged hair, gives nourishment and resistance to harmful UV rays. No need to rinse.
  • Drop Dew hair Essence Lotion 96D.2 (60ml) – Serum designed to untangle and prevent split ends. Recommended for weakened porous hair. leaves hair shiny and smooth.
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