SP Acne Cream


Most acne treatments take around six to eight weeks before visible results are seen. However, our unique and innovating approach to treating acne allows treating acne FAST usually within two weeks. Our unique formula works on tackling and reversing most of the acne causes, such as, excess oil, dead cells, plug pores, bacterial growth and inflammation.

Our special formula combines FDA approved OTC ingredients, The main goal of our FAST and highly effective SP Acne Cream is to unplug pores, kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation. At the same time, special care is given to clean and hydrate the skin and to prevent new breakouts. In fact, after the treatment the skin becomes cleaner, softer, less oily and free of imperfections.

Our unique active ingredients are very versatile able to act simultaneously against all the causes of acne.

Paraben, Alcohol & SLS Free, Hypoallergenic.

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