Gift Experiences – How they Work

When you purchase a Gift Certificate from Crazy Cow Gifts, we send you a Gift Voucher (in a lovely little gift package!) that has an individual code printed on it, which you, or the person you give it to, need to provide to the supplier of your experience when you book. Upon arrival at your chosen experience, you MUST have the voucher with you for the supplier to see.

Remember to check the Important Information on the website which tells you where your experience is located, and other “Important Information” such as the expiry date of the voucher, how many people it is valid for, and what is included etc

Most of our Gift Experiences require you to pre-book, in order to enjoy your gift. That is very important, to ensure that our supplier is expecting you, and has availability on your requested date. 

Our Gift Experiences are all supplied by third parties who are specialists in their field, and although you make payment to Crazy Cow Gifts, your contract is with the supplier of that particular experience, but don’t worry, we only work with the best in the business! However, if you do encounter any problems then drop us a line via email 

Crazy Cow cannot be held responsible if you purchase a Gift Certificate that is not appropriate for the recipient, and we do not give refunds, as once you pay us, then we pay the supplier, so please choose carefully and check any age or medical restrictions etc

If you have any questions at all about a Gift Experience, feel free to contact us, we want you to be happy and feel confident in the choice of Gift Experience that you make.  Most of all – ENJOY!

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